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Hi Vicki,
We were exhausted all week, but just now have finally had the opportunity to write to let you know how satisfied we were with More Than Music for Leah’s party.  While we had some doubts originally about Jared and the band “Eclipse” ( not having seen or heard them previously), we were all quite pleased with their performance.   Jared is a real professional…we have been to a few Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties this year, and Jared is by far the best of any of the MC’s we’ve seen to date. He is pleasant and definitely brought his game to the party and we couldn’t have been happier.  We also had serious doubts about hiring Eclipse, without having heard them play, but they were tremendous, and really put the cocktail hour ahead of any cocktail hour we’ve been to….ever.  We can’t tell you how many of our guests asked about the band, and are still talking about them, more than a week after the party.

The “lockout” game was a big hit with the kids, and the photo booth was handled well by your staff.   The dancers were all great, and from what we can tell, the cell phone case engraving station was a hit , as well, even though the both of us never even got a chance to go over there to see it.   Not sure about the video foosball, but didn’t hear any complaints about that, so “no news is good news”,

We did save you one of the Swaroski water bottles, with Leah’s hologram,  we had made up for all of the adult guests, as you mentioned you would like one, so we have to meet up one of these days to give it to you.

Again, More than Music and Vicki Lowe came through for The Wohl’s in every aspect of Leah’s party, and it is really appreciated !  When a job is done well, we believe in saying so…SO THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

Hillary and Andy Wohl

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