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MC Shuga @ Lily’s Bat Mitzvah

Dear Vicki,

We are all still on Cloud 9 here at the Spar Household.  We had the MOST FABULOUS party.  Your team did an amazing job.

The cocktail hour went so smoothly – the kids had a blast playing the games, having their lipstick and palms read and getting snow globes from the photo booth. I love the Lily Wheel. I can’t decide which piece to frame the wheel or the table top.  Decisions, decisions.

And Johnny Sugah.  OMG. He was fabulous.  I just dropped Lily off at Hebrew School and the boys in her class came running up to me to tell me what a great time they had and how much they love Johnny Sugah. Am I spelling that right?  We were on the dance floor the entire night. It was so much fun and the kids were engaged and happy, as were the adults.  The music was great, and the DJ also did a fabulous job.  A highlight for me was when Lily was lighting her candles, once of the songs was Sweet Caroline.  Lily continued to sing into the microphone and the DJ picked up on it and she lead the entire party in singing the song.  He was so spot on and spontaneous.  Amazing.

The dancers were terrific, too.   They kept everyone moving and paid attention to the stragglers.  I really appreciated that.

Thank you again for getting us the best people.  It was a wonderful celebration. It could not have been better.



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