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MC Kevin at Glen Head at Bryn’s Bat Mitzvah

That was the sickest party ever!!!! More than I could have ever imagined!!
The entrance was unbelievable. She was amazing and the drummers were perfect. And it was a great idea to reintroduce later in the night! Worked amazing.
Your dancers were NON-STOP. I love how they dance with the crowd, dance with each other and then do their own type of dance and the people love to watch in awe the way the move… SICK like being at a show!
Timing of the party was PERFECT! The stage was packed at all times and the screen was amazing.
The kids LOVED the selection of games and the punch and bunch was a huge hit. Also the motorcycle which was awesome. The step and repeat looks so insane in all the pictures like a movie background! The iPad lounge was a HUGE hit and the spray painting was amazing. They actually ran out of shirts. They kids went wild for the stuff. The girls were changing into the Soffee shorts! Loved that!
Kevin…. NO WORDS. He was on FIRE. And him and Bryn were like totally connected. He connected with my entire family! He was so warm and sooooo fun like an old friend who just happens to be the sickest mc on the planet.
People were dying over the music. Got Soooooooo many compliments. The adults LOVED that at the end we played some  old stuff (like the songs scott sent u i think) It was perfect! Colleen, you’re amazing I know how hard you and your staff worked for us and you are truly appreciated.
Looking forward to 3/20/15. Reid’s BM. Get us in the book!
Keep well and have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2013!!
The Goldsteins.

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