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More Than Music Reviews: The More Than Music Team and Fusion Lighting at David’s Bar Mitzvah

I can not thank everyone at Hank Lane, More than Music and Fusion enough for the extraordinary job you did for my nephew, David Goldman’s, Bar Mitzvah.  I can breath a sigh of relief now that it is over and, for the rest of my life, I get to enjoy the image of my nephew’s smile all through that memorable evening.  My nephew is really my best friend – one of the loves of my life – and there are no words to express how important your guidance, attentiveness, support and kindness were to me, and by way of me, my family.  In each photo taken, the proof is in the pudding: David with an ear to ear smile surrounded by his friends, family, etc.
Lori:  Thank you for taking this on from the very start and rolling with all of the questions, concerns, requests and especially the hand over / change of direction when Morgan left.  You make me look good on every job.  You are such a wonderful friend.
Marcus:  Thank you for being such a mensche.  For not taking advantage of a situation when you easily could have with Morgan’s absence.  Thank you for stepping in and meeting all of the expectations set, by me and the job.
Laurie:  Thank you for being such a great guiding light – you are so patient and reassuring.  I couldn’t have done this without knowing you would be there that day, in action, making it all happen.
Kevin (who you will hopefully send this email to):  I bow down to you.  You are the master of the mitzvah madness.  I learned so much watching you that night (and had fun doing it).
The lovely woman who ran the photo booth (I apologize for not knowing her name) was so super hard working and never let up for a second.  And, the guy who was ‘assigned’ to run the video game station…..well….that was just genius to assign someone to do that – never would have thought of it – but it made everything run so smooth.  And, the older gentleman who delivered and set up the cubbies and pop a shots – he was extremely accommodating with quite a few requests made mid-set up.
Everyone was just a total YES team from the beginning to the end.  You all rocked.  Not that I really expected any less…
To be continued!
Lots of love,

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